Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to make Kenbo-san Cushion

The Story of How to Make Kenbo-san Cushion

how to make a Kenbo-san cushion
Kenbo-san - from squiggle to cushion (CH0302)

As I mentioned in Mirror Mirror by the Road - an OMNA project, I thought it was time to pay a wee bit of attention to the state of our home.  And being in a need-to-have-whimsical state of being, this is how the how to make Kenbo-san cushion came about.

Yes, his name is Kenbo-san .. and he started as a rough squiggle. So let's see how he came into being ...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mirror Mirror by the Road - an OMNA Project

Mirror Mirror by the Road
How would you like to come on Home?

Some weeks ago, I was lucky enough to spot a lovely, big mirror - languishing by the roadside; unbelievably discarded by its previous owners.  It was big, It had fully wooden hand-carved frame, and It was looking for a new home - MINE!

Discarded Mirror I dragged home
Discarded Mirror I dragged home (CH0301)
This is an OMNA (Old Made New Again) story and how it is done.

Unfortunately for this rescued mirror, it did not find favour in my partner's eyes - so it could not get past our front door.  For the last couple of weeks, it has been trying hard to grace our porch, hoping for a home entrance in the future.  I knew I had to try to get it past the front door with, hopefully, some acceptable transformation ... This is the story of how Mirror-Mirror came in to our home.

Full Details on the Dremel Stylus and Accessories

I have always wanted a Dremel. Well, not always - but since I started seeing so many people & crafty friends mentioning a Dremel.  They throw out the name "Dremel" as if the Dremel was such a item like Bosch that anyone hearing the name, would know it.  I didn't.  And yet I wanted one.  And I didn't even know what it could do.  But I wanted a Dremel.

My Dremel buy plus other bits ...
If you too want to find out the full details and lowdown on the Dremel Stylus Cordless and it accompanying accessories, .. and if you too should get one, read on ...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sarong Girl Sensationtology

Sarong Girl is the cute and self-confident mascot who struts her butt on ClearlyHelena and related sites.  And since lately Sarong Girl has felt like coming out to play anew and is making more frequent appearances on my sites, I thought it was about time to reveal the sensationtology of our beloved Sarong Girl.

In December in the year two thousand and ten, Alex Lim, a legendary advertising guru in Malaysia was doodling in response to my pushiness in wanting a quirky little mascot for ClearlyHelena (which was but a glimpse of a glimpse in my mind at the time. The transformation from glimpse to reality was

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Liquidation Sale - Bye Bye with Love

Yoohoohoo! Whoopee! I am now officially Liquidating on the spot!!!

I am Getting Out Liquidation Sale

Finally.  Finally.  After being successful, for so long, at procrastinating, I finally got my butt in gear and  listed my beloved stock (from when I had my beloved store) and listed them up for Real Knock-Out Low-Down Below-What-The-Manufacturers-Will-Give-You prices in my (hopefully) last Liquidation Sale.

Now I can brutally warn you that the links to the sale that you see here will one day lead to nowhere ...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Not Crosses To Bear

Not crosses to bear but crosses to wear.  I had a collection of old photographs of crosses I made in 2011.  It was a time when I fell in love with rosary making.
Images of Handmade Crosses
Collection of Handmade Cross

Flexible Simple Love Jewelry for a Friend

The love for a friend produced this multi-strand, multi style necklace and matching earrings set.  Designed for versatility while aiming for simplicity and elegance - done with the help of the amazing, enduring brilliance of Swarovski crystals and findings.

Multi-Strand Simplicity with Swarovski Elegance - lots of photos

Saturday, February 2, 2013

How to Crochet Comfy Yet Sparkly Bangles with Swarovski

Today has been spent writing up the how-tos behind the making of a series of colourfully sparkly Swarovski bangles: see Flat Based Crochet Bangles in multiple Swarovski colors.

DIY Notes on Handmade Crochet Bangles with Swarovski
I don't have to tell you how seemingly more time-consuming it is to write out the steps in making a piece of creation than it is to actually fumble around to find the right way to make them.  The latter holds the magic of suspending time in the joys of finding ways to achieve what the mind has only caught nebulous glimpses of.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fingering Your Crochet: DIY Reference and Jewelry

Today brings a new Reference section to the DIY ClearlyHelena blog site.  Okay, there is only one article at the moment, but it is a start ain't it?

The first reference article is an illustrated DIY on how to finger crochet a cord - beaded or not. Yes, finger crochet: "Look Ma!  No hooks!"

How to finger crochet a cord

How To Finger Crochet a Cord

I love finger crochet cords.  They are really fun to make and they can be extremely versatile - adapting themselves from very functional lives to very decorative styles.

Beaded Finger Crochet Cord in Swarovski Crochet Necklace and Bangles
Beaded Finger Crochet Cord used in Swarovski Crochet Necklace & Bangles (CH0296)

Finger Crochet Cord  is done without the aid of any crochet hooks.  They can be made plain (without beads or other embellishments) or with beads, as per illustration above.