Friday, February 1, 2013

How To Finger Crochet a Cord

I love finger crochet cords.  They are really fun to make and they can be extremely versatile - adapting themselves from very functional lives to very decorative styles.

Beaded Finger Crochet Cord in Swarovski Crochet Necklace and Bangles
Beaded Finger Crochet Cord used in Swarovski Crochet Necklace & Bangles (CH0296)

Finger Crochet Cord  is done without the aid of any crochet hooks.  They can be made plain (without beads or other embellishments) or with beads, as per illustration above.

I first came across this in my pre-teen days - in one of the earliest crochet books I ever possessed.  

my old Japanese crochet book
One of my early Crochet Books

This book is totally in Japanese. I dont' know enough Japanese to be able to read it, so I have chosen to call this technique Finger Crochet Cord.

The following illustrated steps are adapted from the book.  I have added some English text for clarity.

How To Finger Crochet a Cord

You start off the standard way.  Having one end pullable is core to this technique.
How To Finger Crochet a Cord

How To Finger Crochet a Cord

How To Finger Crochet a Cord

How To Finger Crochet a Cord

One can easily add beads, sequins, or other embellishments to this by pre-stringing them on and then working them into the cord as you build it.

I hope you enjoyed this little episode of How To Finger Crochet a Cord.

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