Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to Wire Net Bezel a Cabochon

How to Make A Bezel for a Cabochon with Wire Netting

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That is what I wanted to learn and here are the first few results.  I watched a very useful basic video Wire Weave Cabochon Bezel Tutorial by Camille Sharon (see vid towards end part of this article) on YouTube.  Even though she was teaching the Viking Weave, she also covered wire netting towards the end.

wire net bezel for opal pendant

In my attempts here, I made use of the basic principles but added a few things like starting from the front and adding beads as I weaved the wire.  I have also included tips as to how to get the wire netting more snug, neat, and regular.

Note: this post on How to Wire Net Bezel a Cabochon has been moved to my newer and regularly updated site. You can read the full tutorial on Wire Netting: How to Wire Net Bezel a Cabohon.

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