Monday, April 15, 2013

How to Set Swarovski Stone - Swarovski 4501 Baguette Fancy Stone

Though the instructions here are specific to the Swarovski 4501 Baguette Fancy Stone, it will also serve for general instructions for many of the Swarovski stones and settings.

Swarovski 4501 Baguette stone is sold separately from its metal settings (also from Swarovski).  You can find some of these at: Swarovski Stones at ClearlyHelena.

This photo below shows how the stone sits: left without further adjustment vs. right with some minor adjustment.  As you can see, after adjustment, the stone sits much better and more flush to the edge of the metal setting.
Swarovski 4501 stone with setting

For some reason, the metal settings are just a tat narrow causing the stone to not sit flush.  So using a narrow tip pliers, gently widen the body of the metal setting.
gently widen the metal setting for Swarovski Baguette stone

This next photo shows the various sides and configurations of the Swarovski 4501 Baguette fancy stone as well as the metal settings.  Here shown are the settings with 4 holes (2 per side) and open back configuration.

Once the body of the setting has been widen, the stone should sit flush with the top edge of the metal setting.   Gently fold down all the 4 prongs for a secure finish.

Swarovski 4501 Baguette Fancy Stone with Setting
Swarovski 4501 Baguette Fancy Stone with Setting