Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Devoted Gypsy Necklace - Color Fantasy III

There is something about some color jewelry that makes me go silent with reverence inside while simultaneously exulting loudly with almost unrestrained joy. This color jewelry of mine, name “Devoted Gypsy” is done in a mish-mash of spontaneous mix media. It is also much inspired by the beautiful work of Ayala Bar.

“Devoted Gypsy” is my version of color jewelry that takes a delightful romp in the unending world of color fantasies. I have loaded this articles with a huge number of photographs. This one-of-a-kind “Devoted Gypsy” necklace inherits its name from the glorious Swarovski Devoted2U crystal heart pendant. The “gypsy” part of the name is a result of the wildly rich and joyous display of riotous colors.

Colorful Jewelry - Devoted Gypsy Necklace (CH0201 - sold)

The emergence of this color jewelry took many twists and turns. It was not to do any strict pre-planning. This is one of those jewelry forms that take a life of its own and evolve as it knows best. Hence, there is no step by step tutorial for this piece. Nonetheless, I trust the creative genius within you will be inspired by either bits and pieces along the way, by the colors, or by the piece as a whole.

At the bottom of this article, I do include some of the earlier attempts. There you can see some of the trials and misses along the way.

Swarovski Devoted2U Heart Pendant & Crystal Headpins

The Swarovski’s Devoted2U heart pendant used is 27mm in length; color Astral Pink. This element was first released by Swarovski in 2011. I created the bail using a Swarovski headpin with a clear Crystal topping. The headpin was wrapped around and up to form the bail.

I have included multiple shots of the heart pendant with the headpin-bail. That would make it easier for you to see the full construct. Most of these images can be clicked for even more details.

More Mix Media Details for Colorful Jewelry

Mix Media with Wirework, Gemstones, Pearls

The above close up shows some of the many gemstones and beads used in this mix media color jewelry. They include:

  • double-hole domed Jade gemstone beads
  • Amazonite gemstone (medium and small sizes)
  • Akoya pearls

Below, the pics depict the front and back of the beaded bezel gemstones (Red Quartz cabochons). The 2 beaded bezel Red Quartz cabochons have integrated opposite-ended bails.

Beaded Bezel Red Quartz Cabochon
Beaded Bezel Red Quartz Cabochon
The picture to the right here shows the stitching used to hold the jumprings securely in place. Even though the stitching could be much neater, they are very secure and are stitched in such a way that they are strong and secure enough to hold the jumprings permanently to the fabric.
Back of Beaded Bezel Red Quartz Cabochon

Focal Center with Mix Media

Below is a detailed shot of the central fabric focal. It is made from stretchy fabric over round disc (bottom) and button (top). The disc and button have added stretch and cushioning due to the glued on felted backing on each. The disc-button combo is topped with a 4mm Swarovski Rose Chaton (in clear Crystal). Matching orange cording is securely glued in-between the two, then stitched all round for extra durability.

Handmade Mix Media Focal Component

The 2 pics below show the fabric covered disc-button combo, front and back.

Details of Mix Media Focal

Details of Mix Media Focal

Back of the Mix Media Focal

Side Elements

I will let the next pictures speak for themselves as to their details.


I call this the “wriggly chain” because I don’t know if there is a proper name as I made up the chain. But I think the wriggly chain here suites the free-spirited feel of this “Devoted Gypsy” necklace. The wriggly chain is made from open and closed jump rings. I also threaded in seamless silver beads during its construction for an added “wriggle”.

I used a snap-button clasp to complete the piece and to provide a finished look.

Finished: "Devoted Gypsy" Necklace

Initial WIPs (Work In Progress) Musings - Trials &smp; Errors

Next are just some photos for interest and for archival. They show some initial layouts when the piece was trying to take form. Though these layouts were later discarded and despite them being blurry, they illustrate some of the paths and ideas that came to mind. Also, they could at some later stage, provide ideas for future designs.

Laying out the possible design is quite essential so that as each component (e.g. the fabric covered disc-button combo or the beaded bezel Red Quartz cabochons) is made, you can also plan and integrate any necessary connectors/jump rings.


Necklace Created: 31 July 2011

  • SwarovskiDevoted2U heart pendant (color: Astral Pink)
  • SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS: crystal beads, crystal headpins, Rose Montees 4mm
  • shell donut and rounded beads
  • handmade fabric components (including stretchy fabric, cording)
  • beaded bezel gemstones (Red Quartz cabochons)
  • Jade, Amazonite, coral, (colored) turquoise gemstones
  • Akoya beads
  • various wood, glass, metal, and paper beads
  • closed and open jumprings

Status: Sold (trl)