Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sarong Girl has arrived to Bead Along

It is only 11:20pm and I was hoping to be active and alert and most of all, Awake tonight so that I could do more photos and more diy notes. However I have only a bit of awakeness left to introduce the newest addition to my family ... Beading Sarong Girl.

Adorable Sarong Girl Beads!
She came to life in a very short time - under 2 days (from a squirt of an idea to a full blown beader) - under the quirky and talented hands of my baby brother Alex Lim and she is here to stay for a long while.  She will oversee all the DIY notes and photos that you will find in my Jewelry & Crafts DIY Gallery.

Be nice to her (smile!) and I promise she won't spit at you .. or even flick spare beads at you.

Meanwhile, time for me to hit the haystack.  Nitey Nite you gorgeous people all over the sleepy world! Namaste.