Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snuck another listing in - Swarovski Coleman Necklace. Another yay!

I did it!  I managed to sneak in another new addition to our DIY Gallery: the Swarovski Coleman Necklace.  Yay!

Actually I wasn't just caught up in this but rather some other things caught me up ...

As it always happens with web-related things - things are a Web!  One sticky thing leads to another to another to another, and before you know, you are far far from your intended focus point.

I have been spending the night caught up at looking at Free Web Fonts.  There are so many choices, they all look so yummy, and you find you want so many of them.  And the price is right!

Tonight, this is the best site I found: FontSquirrel and the fonts are not just free, but also free for commercial use!  Now how often do you find something like that?!

Then somehow I got to looking at Free Website Creator with some lovely looking templates: IM Creator. Too much good info there so I will have to go back another time.

And then I got to looking for and at scripts and plug-ins for GIMP.  Free brushes and textures.  And that just took another huge chunk of my precious night.  Techzilo gets a big thumbs-up for free GIMP plugins.

So now though you know I wasn't just concentrating on editing the photos for and writing up Swarovski Coleman Necklace, I hope you will still drop by to visit it.  The simple design of the Swarovski necklace might just twig you into your bigger, better, creative spin!

Namaste everyone!  Nitey-Nite! (I think...)