Sunday, May 5, 2013

Glass Pebbles Jewelry Instead of Glass Dome Cabs

I have always been a tat fascinated with those ubiquitous glass dome cabs but was never inspired enough to figure out what I could do with them that was going to be a tat different from the norm of placing them in a pre-made metal frame and hanging them off a chain.  So I had no glass cab domes in my studio when I finally decided to do some experiments.

Luckily I had some of those flat based glass pebbles that the economy stores sell.  They are usually used to fill bottom of vases or something. So armed with a few pieces of scrap paper and a cutting from a newspaper, some ModPodge and beads (of course) .. these 2 little pendants emerged.

Quirky Handmade Pendants: "Lonely Girl" & "Tilting Winnie"

CH0310 & CH0311
Now that I find myself quite enamoured with these glass pebbles, I think I shall be getting some "proper" glass dome cabs - just to see the difference.  For now, the glass pebbles have occasional ripples and "defects" in them which I find quite endearing and adds to the quirkiness of the pieces.  And quirkiness is something I do like - because it is so organically unpredictable.

The making of these little glass pebble pendants proved to be both very enjoyable and not very hard.  So the little how to below is gonna be quite brief.

How to Make Glass Pebble Pendants: "Lonely Girl" pendant

how to make glass pebble pendants
First, find some image you like.  This I think is from some weekend magazine or something.  A cute little quirky girl.  If you click to view the larger image, you can even see the dots that make up the paper image because the dome in the glass acts as a m

Glue the glass pebble to the image with ModPodge.  I have seldom, till now, used much of ModPodge but I have found it to be fantastic.  It dries absolutely clear so your chosen image is not obscured in any way.

how to make glass pebble pendants

Trim off the excess paper, as close to the pebble as possible.

Glue the piece onto a stiff backing (like Stiff Stuff).  Make sure that you keep glue more to the center and away from the edges (so that you do not have to sew though glue toughened areas later).

Cut stiff stuff around the pebble.  Leave a bit of seam so that you have that to do the final beaded edging.

how to make glass pebble pendants

As per my wont, I have used fabric, treated with plastic like Lamifix, for my final backing.

Photos of "Lonely Girl" Glass Pebble Pendant

ClearlyHelena - handmade pendant
Lonely Girl pendant

ClearlyHelena - handmade pendant

ClearlyHelena - handmade pendant

Photos of "Tilting Winnie" Glass Pebble Pendant

I found a small cute image of Winnie the Pooh (newspaper I think) and so "Tilting Winnie" was born.
ClearlyHelena - handmade pendant
"Tilting Winnie" handmade glass pebble pendant
ClearlyHelena - handmade pendant

ClearlyHelena - handmade pendant

Here is a picture of the fabric treated backing.  I used a semi-gloss, plain fabric - also treated with Lamifix.

how to make glass pebble cab pendants

I hope you have enjoyed my little trip traipsing amongst glass pebbles.