Monday, May 20, 2013

Patina, Alcohol Inks, Dye Oxides, Vintaj Ranger, Swellegant

I am beginning to get into colorizing metals and stuff and the plethora of alcohol inks, patinas, dye oxides, metal coatings, etc. is throwing me into a spin.  So I have been gathering information on them and trying to discover their differences and applications.

My focus is not to go into indepth technical but to learn enough so that I know what to get for what purpose.  My narrowish focus at the moment is coloring metal as in jump rings and chains.  And I am only going to write about the different products as I get them.  (It would be impossible to write about all of them unless I had a century of nothing else to do and they stop producing such delectable products at such a rapid clip!)

This page contains general information with links to more specific notes on each product line (as and when I get either the products or the information).

What is Patina?

I don't mean patina as in the normal process of ageing and oxidisation that happens to many metals.  But, for example, what is Vintaj Ranger Patina?

Nor do I mean the many ways of creating a patina on your (various) metals (e.g. Liver of Sulphur). Rather being a lazy bugger,  I am going for the easy methods found in the commercial offerings.

Basically, patina forms some kind of chemical reaction to the surface of the metal producing both color and texture.

Notes on How to Use Vintaj Ranger Patina, Inks, & Mixatives

What is Alcohol Inks?

Alcohol Inks can be applied to a number of non-porous surfaces (glass, plastic, glossy paper, metal).  It can be used to color them where traditional colorants and paints might not apply.

Notes on How to Use Vintaj Ranger Patina, Inks, & Mixatives

How to Use Swellegant

A product line of metal coatings, patinas, dye oxides by the famous polymer artist Christi Friesen.
Swellegant is similar to the Ranger line but many say it is better.
Notes on How to Use Swellegant

Gilder's Paste

Notes on Gilders Paste