Saturday, May 11, 2013

Right Angle Weave Stitch: How to make a Square Ball

This is one of the simplest balls to make with RAW (Right Angle Weave) Stitch.  Sorry the image is not very clear but hopefully the illustrated steps will illustrate the steps in making this RAW St ball.
How to make a Ball with RAW Stitch
How to make a Ball with RAW Stitch

I call this a Square Ball because it looks a bit like a square - and later it will mentally help to be able to "see" the 4 surfaces that normally make up the faces of a square.

Note: I have used 4mm bicones in this sample but it may look less squarish if you use round beads.
How to make a Ball with RAW Stitch
How to make a Ball with RAW Stitch

Only 12 beads is needed.  I have deliberately used 3 colors - 4 of each so that the rows are easier to see.
The first step shows a basic RAW Stitch using the 12 beads.

The second step shows threading back to first center bead and this will form a (squarish) ball.
Note: the illustration shows a 2-needle approach to RAW St. but this can also just as easily be done with a single-needle approach.

The third step shows the formed ball.  You want to thread through the 4 beads per "surface" / side of the ball to tighten up the ball.

Optional: As shown below, I have also stitched in a small (size 11) seed bead between each bead during the tightening process.
How to make a Ball with RAW Stitch

So wholla!  - that is the simple ball done using basic Right Angle Weave Stitch.  Very useful to know when you want to make up a little ball the easy way.