Monday, June 3, 2013

Chainmaille - What is Aspect Ratio and Ring ID

Chainmaille is interchangeably spelt as chainmaille or chain mail.

Aspect Ratio AR in chain mailIn Chainmaille, what is Aspect Ratio and Ring ID?

.. both terms which is often seen at their supplies sites.

In normally jewelry making, the size of a jump ring is often the diameter of the outer ring.
In chain mail, more attention is paid to the wire diameter (WD) and its inner diameter (Ring ID).

From this last 2 stats, the all important Aspect Ratio (AR) is calculated:


Most chain mail tutorials will specify AR (range) suitable for any particular chainmaille weave to achieve a pleasing result.

Example of Calculating AR
calculate ar in chainmailIf ..

  • ID = 3mm and
  • WD = 0.8mm
then AR = ID/WD = 3 / 0.8 = 3.75