Monday, December 14, 2015

Urban Rock 3D Pendant - Ocean Garden

Urban Rock pendant is rocking Jewellery with Attitude!

Urban Rock Pendant - Ocean Garden (CH0102)

Urban Jewelry is jewellery for the person who has Street Smarts, lots of Attitude, and often with a delectable Feminine Twist. Urban Jewellery has been conceived for the contemporary individual who appreciates jewelry with a Distinctive Edge and demands more Flexibility, more Attitude, more Options, and more alluring Individuality.

I have designed this range of jewelry for just such a person.

Addendum: A most apt description from one of my beloved friends, Beverley Jane: “presents that overflow with gemmies and flowers“. I just had to add this in as this is such a perfect description.

The “Urban Rocks” are jewellery that really rocks! It is an endlessly changing Rock for the Street-wise Urbanite who craves movement, change, structure, and funky distinction.

This “Ocean Garden” 3D pendant is edgy with its 3D triangular cage shape, capturing moving treasures that add depth, movement, and intrigue. It is the creative use of its open mesh structure that allows this pendant to be worn in an endless variety of ways – changing with your mood and attitude. Different looks is achieved by threading through any of the open square “holes”. And as the pendant is finished differently back and front, your options of wearing it in multiple intriguing ways is instantly doubled.

This is my favourite. The Sea Green bugles with its irisdescent finish (from Miyuki) is reminscent of the interplay of light on the ocean waves. The Swarovski flowers and butterflies recall to mind the joy of being in a Garden full of Life and Vitality. Chains and wires are from .925 Sterling Silver, adding light joyousness and value to this open hearted Ocean Garden pendant.

Below here is shown but a small sampling of this endless flexibility. Displayed here with a silver metal choker, it can also be worn with chains, leather thongs, ribbons, cords, hemp, etc.

Endless ways to wear the Urban Rock Pendant

Note: this was designed under my previous label “ClearlyChosen” – which has now been retired.

Below are some of the many faces of the Ocean Garden Urban rock pendant …. Bling provided by Swarovski’s crystals – bicones, simplicity beads, butterfly beads. Garden lush colors in Palace Green Opal, Air Blue Opal, Light Rose, Crystal Copper, and Clear AB (Aurore Borealis) crystals.

I have taken lots of photos of this Ocean Garden Power Urban Rock pendant. Because it is so photogenic!!

The “visual sizing” photo below is just a rough guide to size and may not depict the actual pendant in this listing.


  • Japanese Miyuki bugle beads
  • Swarovski crystals, beads and butterflies (Palace Green Opal, Air Blue Opal, Light Rose, Crystal Copper, Clear AB)
  • various pearls and crystals (within cage)
  • .925 Sterling Silver wire

Construction Notes

Base Beading Weave: RAW (right angle weave): working from center with 2 needles.

Fold and sew together to create 3D effect. Beads/gems can be put into the “cage” before sewing up is completed.

Piece in RAW is worked with bugles. The seed beads are added later (before sewing up) that will add structure, form, and strength. Crystal petite flowers follow. No bail is needed.

Standard beading thread has been used. (ILoveU #2 nylon).

I hope you enjoyed the many photos of this Urban Rock 3D Pendant - Ocean Garden pendant.