Sunday, February 21, 2016

Crochet Premmie Baby Bootie - How To

Pictorial instructions for crochet premmie baby booties.
How to crochet premmie baby booties

Foot-length: 7cm (Suitable for Premmie)

  • soft yarn (70% bamboo; 30% cotton)
  • 4/0 Clover crochet hook (2.5mm)

You may need to adjust hook size; depending on the yarn you use.

Premmie Baby Bootie Soles - Row 1

Premmie Baby Bootie Soles - Row 2

In Row 2, we will do identical increases around both the curved ends: 2hdc into each of the 6stitches of the row below.

If changing colour, you can cut off the yarn now and start with new colour.

After this 2 rows, the soles is completed. 34stitches all round.

Premmie Baby Booties - Body

Note: The colours in the following photos do not match the final finished bootie. However the instructions are still valid. So follow along ... :)

In the body part of the baby bootie, we will be working the back of the booties (18stitches) and the front (16stitches).  We will be "closing up" the front to fit the baby's feet.

Premmie Baby Booties - Cuffs

The 'cuffs' of the baby booties is comprised of 2 repeating rows: single crochet & half double crochet.  These 2 rows are repeated till you get the desired length/height you want.  And the finishing/trimming is also variable and up to you.

Can be worn with cuff up or down.

Pictures and Examples of Premmie Baby Booties

For more pictures on finished baby booties using above method, please click on following photos.