Sunday, May 29, 2016

Unconventional Company Necklace – mix media

Unconventional Company necklace is a bold declaration for the person who knows the beauty and harmony of seemingly disparate elements coming together in a flattering symmetry.


"Unconventional Company Necklace" – free form mix media necklace from some unconventional elements. Gemstones (Moonstone, Black Onyx, hematite) are thrown together with handmade fabric cabochons, vintage plastic and glass elements.

Unconventional Company Necklace a declaration of one’s own individual and complex inner aspects and an embracing of the differences and uniqueness in our lives.

This mix media necklace is made to celebrate our harmonious dissimilar parts. Cherished gemstones swimming in the subtly bold opalescent intrique of Moonstone and the dark, mysterious depths of Black Onyx link arms with handmade and vintage components

Approximate length: 45.7cm 18 inch


  • Handmade Fabric Square Cabochon
  • Swarovski White Crystal Embedded Rings
  • Gemstones: Moonstone, Black Onyx
  • Seed Beads, Glass beads
  • Hematite gemstone beads
  • Handmade chains
  • Vintage (1960s) sew-on red square plastic stones

Status: Sold

DIY Notes on Making Unconventional Company Necklace

Every effort was made to ensure that the back is as comfortable as possible.

Oval gemstones – in the contrasting opalescent Moonstone and the mysterious Black Onyx, are carefully bead bezelled and linked together. Only closed jump rings are used so that there is no chance of the rings opening up during wear.

Beaded Bezel Gemstones

Note: The beaded loops on the gemstones must be created and linked to closed jump rings in one go, viz. the jump ring is Not inserted after the beaded bezel and loops are done.

Matching (stretchy) fabric is used to create the square cabochons. This must be sewed neatly to completely and invisibly seal before beading around it and linking securely to the other components.

It is wisest to sketch out a layout whenever possible so that all the needed integrated linkages can be planned out and added while creating each component.

To add character and color to the black white coloration, red vintage sew-ons are securely sewed onto the fabric cabochon.

The back of these buttons have an added button for comfort and strength.

Dark crimps are used at the junction of the front piece to handmade hematite chains. This provides both security and strong body.

This Unconventional Company necklace is proof that the most disparate of items can come together in harmony when the time is right 🙂

No specific step-by-step is given to create the Mix Media Necklace. It is impossible as the ideas and the how-tos will come together as the piece progresses. However I hope that the plentitude of detailed photos here will trigger delicious possibilities of your own.