Wednesday, December 7, 2016

GHHORIZONTAL Tapestry Crochet Bag

GHHORIZONTAL tapestry crochet bag celebrates colour and joie de vivre in tribal geometric pattern.


You would be hard pressed to try and figure out why I named this “GHHORIZONTAL Tapestry Crochet Bag”. But the reason is quite simple. It is to point at and give credit to the underlying design used as my source of inspiration.

Credit: The source of design inspiration comes from Artist Vasare Nar. I originally found an image of her design on Pinterest and later, from her own site. Check out her GHHORIZONTAL original design where you can find links to her design in various product forms (prints, rug, ipad skin, etc.)

As you can see below, my graphed is similar but not identical to the original pattern. Nonetheless, it definitely was my source of inspiration.

The circular base design found its inspiration from a graphed pattern I found on Pinterest.

And as with my other tapestry crochet bags, I have used large grommets to provide the holes for the drawstring. So much better looking than just leaving holes in the work, don’t you think?

Some detailed photos of the GHHORIZONTAL tapestry crochet bag.

Specifications & Features

  • base diameter: approx 28cm / 11"
  • height: 32cm / 12.6"
  • very strong and sturdy large holdall bag
  • can be worn over shoulder or across body
  • bag strap with adjustable length
  • classy, secure metal grommets for drawstring
  • hand-crocheted matching drawstring with polished wood and Czech beads
  • unlined
  • strong hardware for strap buckle

Core Materials

  • strong acrylic yarn
  • Czech beads, wooden beads
  • metal buckle
  • metal grommets
(Status: g340 NKL )


  • Body: tapestry crochet with knit-single-crochet (aka waistcoat stitch) as the main stitch
  • Base: tapestry crochet with waistcoat stitch as the main stitch
  • Shoulder-strap: using strong, non-stretchy strap-sc stitch, aka Thermal stitch
  • Drawstring Cord: Duo Sided Crochet Cord (aka Romanian Cord, or Romanian Crochet Cord)