Friday, April 19, 2013

Mix Media Wall Hanging - the Long Process of Stealing

Mix Media Nights Wall Hanging

mix media wall hanging, Kandinsky inspiration
mix media wall hanging, Kandinsky inspiration (CH0305)
In an endeavour to continue making things for the home, I finally completed this wall hanging that started in Feb 2012.  Before anyone pokes me in the eye and call me names, let me just quote my favourite Picasso quote:
Good artists borrow
Great artist steal

Thursday, April 18, 2013

How to Wire Net Bezel a Cabochon

How to Make A Bezel for a Cabochon with Wire Netting

SKU = CH0307
That is what I wanted to learn and here are the first few results.  I watched a very useful basic video Wire Weave Cabochon Bezel Tutorial by Camille Sharon (see vid towards end part of this article) on YouTube.  Even though she was teaching the Viking Weave, she also covered wire netting towards the end.

wire net bezel for opal pendant

Monday, April 15, 2013

How to Set Swarovski Stone - Swarovski 4501 Baguette Fancy Stone

Though the instructions here are specific to the Swarovski 4501 Baguette Fancy Stone, it will also serve for general instructions for many of the Swarovski stones and settings.

Swarovski 4501 Baguette stone is sold separately from its metal settings (also from Swarovski).  You can find some of these at: Swarovski Stones at ClearlyHelena.

This photo below shows how the stone sits: left without further adjustment vs. right with some minor adjustment.  As you can see, after adjustment, the stone sits much better and more flush to the edge of the metal setting.
Swarovski 4501 stone with setting

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Gems & Colors - Beaded Bezel Gemstone Cab & Swarovski Rivoli Necklace and Earrings

Beaded Necklace with Gemstone Cabochons

This necklace is handmade with a variety of gemstones cabochons (onyx, labradorite, agate) in various colors and strong together with Sterling Silver hand made components and links.  And the charming sparkle is provided by the delicious Swarovski Rivoli #1122 (Montana, 14mm).

Colorful Gemstones - Beaded Bezel Cab Necklace
Colorful Gemstones - Beaded Bezel Cab Necklace

How Many Seed Beads Needed to Bezel around Swarovski Rivolis

This is a rough guide to how many size 11/0 seed beads generally needed to bead bezel around a round cab or Swarovski rivoli.

Swarovski 1122 Rivoli Stone

Round Swarovski Rivolis are measured by their diameter, e.g. 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, etc.

Peyote Stitch - Bead Bezel a Swarovski Rivoli

Rule of thumb Formula
(Diameter x 2 ) + 4 size 11/0 seed beads.

12mm round rivoli - (12 x 2) + 4 = 28 seed beads
16mm round rivoli - (16 x 2) + 4 = 36 seed beads

Note: You will want to have even number of seed beads.  This should give you the first round of beads around the rivoli.

RAW - Bead Bezel a Swarovski Rivoli

For wanted of more proper terminology, I designate the below photo as 2 'squares'.  When you join into a circle, then you will have 3 'squares'.  That is one way of counting.
Alternatively, you can count the center (blue) beads - for 3 'squares', there will be 3 center blues.
counting RAW squares

Rule of thumb Formula
(Diameter + 2 ) 'squares' (or center beads)

12mm round rivoli - (12 + 2)  = 14 center beads
16mm round rivoli - (16 + 2) = 18 center beads

Tip: This Right Angle Weave tutorial is a good place to learn how to RAW.