Saturday, July 16, 2011

Handmade Rosary in Bone and Yak Wooden beads

My first hand knotted rosary. I made a few attempts prior to this - using Hemp cord among other things. However the holes in the Yak bone beads are large and the hemp cord (or varying thickness) was in some places, too thin.

The yak bone beads come from Tibet.

Handmade Rosary in Yak Wooden beads (CH0195)

Finally I arrived at this leatherised cotton cord which is just perfect. And it also maintains the natural element I wanted in this rosary.

The knotting is not the normal (pearl) knotting. I found this method easier and resulted in knots that could be closer to each adjoining bead. It is made by:

  1. making a loop
  2. passing (empty) yarn into loop and pulling tight
  3. bead
  4. make another knot

The drape of this rosary has been a surprise. I thought it might be a bit stiff but it has proved to be very flexible and drapable. Quite a lovely feel.
This bone cross was given to my by my friend Natalie Fletcher (of ). An ideal cross for this natural rosary and proved to be my starting point.

I further polished, sealed, and rounded edges of this cross to give it a smoother feel.

Atop the cross sits a lovely Swarovski connector, wire wraped to the cross.
This shows the back of the cross - displaying how the Swarovski connector has been attached to the cross.
A close up of the rounded yak bone beads, knotting, and the rounded wooden beads.
The center of the rosary is made with a 3-hole yak bone bead - making it an ideal 3-way center point for the rosary.

Handmade Rosary in Yak Wooden beads with Carved Bone Cross (CH0195)