Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rosary in Prehite Gemstone and Carved Bone

Handmade rosary with prehite gemstones, hand made wire center, hand-carved bone beads (8mm) and sterling silver ankh cross.

Rosary: Prehite Gemstone & Carved Bone (CH0197)

"Prehnite is said to encourages composure, forgiveness and acceptance and is excellent for meditation. Some people also believe that prehnite helps sufferers of claustrophobia."
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Prehite gemstones have a mother of pearl luster which gives it a soft luminous quality.

Close up of prehite gemstones which have been hand-wired and linked to each other. The double wrapping ensures that it forms a closed secure loop.
Showing hand-carved bone beads. Closed ring on either side provide better distance and look between each decade of the rosary.
Work hardened wire wrapped rosary center. The organic look of the wire wraps furnishes the rosary with a true hand-created valued quality.