Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rosary in Sterling Silver, Amazonite, Coral

This is a supremely soothing rosary. With its polished and rounded Amazonite nuggets to the differentiated Blue Corals .. it emanates energy that is in line with the spiritual contemplation associated with rosaries and prayer.

Sterling Silver Rosary with Amazonite and Coral (CH0183)

The gemstones are linked to each other by Sterling Silver links - each link, handmade and double looped for guaranteed security. Finished with a highly unique curved Sterling Silver cross featuring canonical swirls on one side and smooth sleek practicality on the other.

The Amazonite bead as well as the Coral beads are especially ideal for rosaries because of their protection, supportive, contemplative, and calming innate energies.


  • smooth tumbled Amazonite nuggets
  • natural Akoya pearls
  • Blue Coral
  • Double sided, solid, polished 0.925 Sterling Silver Cross
  • Wire hand-chained together with pure 0.925 Sterling Silver
  • Sterling Silver central connector (Jesus in a heart)

Sterling Silver Rosary with Amazonite and Coral (CH0183)