Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day 1 at Jewelry DIY Posting Over

Whew!  I have spent one whole non-stop day on working on this DIY Clearly Helena jewelry blogging site.  It was spent running from Blogger, to Ecwid and then back again. And though it was very intense, I must admit that it was fun to finally getting round some of my thousand and one photos and cleaning them up and putting them online.

 However, as most crafters who write will know, if you don't write up or write down your WIP (work in progress) notes as you are crafting, most of the specific details and particular materials you have used, and the 'clever' workarounds that you might have employed - they all get kind of fuzzy with the passage of times.
Small Sample of Unsorted Jewelry Photos
Small Sample of Unsorted Jewelry Photos

Why is it SO MUCH more fun to make than to write up?

But what ever am I complaining about?  I LOVE IT ALL - just because I love some bits more than others is no reason to moan is it?

Tomorrow, more work is scheduled.  As as the lucky stars would have it, I have yet another day off all to myself! :D

If you are an early visitor, you might be astute enough to not just realize how bare this site is, but there are a number of essential pages (and of course, backend configurations - sigh) that are not yet in existence.

Well thank goodness for Tomorrow :D Nite Nite beepers peepers!