Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Peek at Swarovski going Neon in Wire Crochet Jewelry

Today I have been working on this Swarovski wire crochet jewelry set - for hours now (sigh).  I am not even making it, I am just editing the photos for its debut online!

Swarovski goes Neon Orange in wire crochet jewelry
Swarovki goes Neon in wire crochet jewelry
It is taking so very long, I am now hungry (and it is almost 4pm already on an unfed tummy) and a tat unmotivated.  So I thought I would just give it a wee outing before I get the rest of the photos on the wire crochet jewelry done, garner my far-flung notes, and hopefully before the bed bugs greet me tonight - I would have finished and posted.

Till later then :D ~ Namaste and may your tummy always be happy and filled!