Sunday, February 3, 2013

Not Crosses To Bear

Not crosses to bear but crosses to wear.  I had a collection of old photographs of crosses I made in 2011.  It was a time when I fell in love with rosary making.
Images of Handmade Crosses
Collection of Handmade Cross

However some of these photographs were never properly edited or posted.  And as I came across them today - I had choice of
a) keeping them as they were - which is so bad Feng Shui for my computer!
b) edit and post them
c) delete them

I chose (b) because even though I don't remember all the detailed steps of how they were created, they remain a clear record of what they looked like (wherever they are now!) and more importantly, still illustrate their creation methods and possible evolutionary paths.

I hope you enjoy having a look and/or having a good at making your own crosses.  Handmade Crosses and Rosary Stuff contains many more photos - with much detail, that will aid in making even more crosses when the time comes.

Namaste.  May all your crosses be light, be brilliant, be illuminating!