Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Liquidation Sale - Bye Bye with Love

Yoohoohoo! Whoopee! I am now officially Liquidating on the spot!!!

I am Getting Out Liquidation Sale

Finally.  Finally.  After being successful, for so long, at procrastinating, I finally got my butt in gear and  listed my beloved stock (from when I had my beloved store) and listed them up for Real Knock-Out Low-Down Below-What-The-Manufacturers-Will-Give-You prices in my (hopefully) last Liquidation Sale.

Now I can brutally warn you that the links to the sale that you see here will one day lead to nowhere ...

happiness at successful liquidation sale
because the sale is going along fine Fine FINE!

There were hundreds of items that went under the Liquidation Hammer so to speak, and I used Facebook to let my friends and pals know that the sale was on.  And whoopee-dee-doo, buyers did a-come!

I still have quite a bit to move - at GREAT prices I might say - but the Liquidation store sale is only a temporary thing.  As soon as I have moved enough or I get tired of waiting, down comes the store.  Hence the reason why those links to the TEMPORARY LIQUIDATION SALE are .. temporary.

Now if you are of the same bent as me - beady! crafty!  arty! and slightly wonky-mad! - and if you happen to catch this post in time, head on over with my big welcome and get the best bargains that you will see for a wee long time.

And while I am whooping around, I just want to thank all those good, clever, beady, crafty, talented, creative folks that have already come round to grab the first round of the best February bargains.  And I would like also to thank Facebook and Pinterest for giving all of us such easy platforms to blow our own trumpets, if you know what I mean.

Just a bit of history on how this sale came to be and how it will be my last of this kind.

Once upon a time, I started on the road to retailing on-line (beads, findings, crystals, stringing, wire, chains) - first, on ebay under "FindingBeads4U" banner and domain.

Then a few years later, I moved on to higher quality beads and jewelry findings, strings, wire, and chain.  And I flourished under the business name and domain "ClearlyChosen".  Through it all, I hung on to one thing that was much more important than profits - my own sense of integrity, never ever telling lies nor knowingly cheating anyone even if it meant making a loss.

However it all got a bit much.  There was never time for anything else but listing and packing and sending. And listing and packing and sending.  So after MUCH thought and years .. I finally admitted I wanted more time for things I loved more.  Life is such a short and precious thing, and there is an undeniable and eventually, an unavoidable truth that we all have to face - that Life, when it calls you under the guise of irritation, or dissatisfaction, or a yearning to do other more pleasurable things, eventually it is the biggest comfort to finally hear the call and let go of the things that, though they had meant and given so much, needs to be let go.

So finally, this year is my year: 2013.  I let go of the things that I have loved but have held me down.  It shouldn't have taken me this long to take this step, but I am so whoopee-happy now that I have.

Come by and enjoy the Liquidation Sale while it is still on.  Know that everything you see there, not only is it way below what I paid - but that I have chosen and fondled each with love and have seen the potential of what they can become.  And when you get them, all of my love and fondling goes with them to you!

Namaste and enjoy every bit of shopping you do, wherever you may shop - imbue them with love, and when the time is right for you too, pass them on, with love.

Footnote: Oops, I just realized - I thought I had listed everything I wanted to but just realize now that there is a whole bunch I have yet to list!  So looks like you will see the temporary big sale for a bit longer.  I will get round to listing the unlisted in a day or so when other work leaves me some time again.  Till then - cheerio!