Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sarong Girl Sensationtology

Sarong Girl is the cute and self-confident mascot who struts her butt on ClearlyHelena and related sites.  And since lately Sarong Girl has felt like coming out to play anew and is making more frequent appearances on my sites, I thought it was about time to reveal the sensationtology of our beloved Sarong Girl.

In December in the year two thousand and ten, Alex Lim, a legendary advertising guru in Malaysia was doodling in response to my pushiness in wanting a quirky little mascot for ClearlyHelena (which was but a glimpse of a glimpse in my mind at the time. The transformation from glimpse to reality was
largely thanks to Alex Lim & Jesmin Chuah).

The beginning doodles of Sarong Girl
This first version popped out and was quickly ooh-&-ahhed over which led to her clear and adorable transformations.

Sarong Girl (aka SG) so enjoyed the oohs & aaahs, and with the pressing demand for her to fulfil more roles (be the spunky outspoken narrator at ClearlyHelena and at the DIY ClearlyHelena blog site, and guest appearances on facebook, and for her to strut her stuff in the beady & knitty area), SG has in her heart decided to make 2013 a big play year for herself.

To that end, she at the hands of Alex Lim, has recently been making a splash & coming out to play even more.

Look out for more of Sarong Girl as she promises to put on some powder, splash on some color, and twirl her way around here and there.

Before we leave SG to get ready for more appearances, here are some historical shots of her & friends ...

"I love your hair too!"

Lumpy Dog

SG can smell the roses - very Zen

Sarong Girl - very asian and very happy

Even Sarong Girl needs some downtime

As does her TooToo Cute litte brother, Happy ....

Sarong Girl's little brother, Happy

We hope that one day in the near future, very soon .. or so-so soon, Happy and SG will find time to do joint appearances (unless they are both too exhausted and needing sleep!)

All original Happy, Sarong Girl artwork by Alex Lim ©
Sarong Girl - official model, mascot, know-it-all with Quirks
at ClearlyHelena & related subsidiaries