Monday, May 20, 2013

Notes on Ranger Patina, Inks & Mixatives

Sometimes you will see Vintaj Ranger and other times Adirondack Ranger.  It really doesn't matter.  It is more a branding thing (as to whom Ranger has partnered with for a range of products).  I will mainly just refer to them as Ranger.  These are just basic notes on how to quickly use Range inks, patinas, mixatives, and blending solution.

ranger inks, patina, mixatives

Adirondack Alcohol Blending Solution - RECOMMENDED

In fact, if you are going to use the Ranger Inks, Patinas, and Mixatives - the Alcohol Blending Solution is virtually a Must Have.
 This blending solution works with the Ranger Alcohol Inks to:

  • lighten the inks
  • blend the inks
  • clean surfaces of grease and dirt before ink application
  • rework dried ink - apply blending solution to dry inked portion which will rewet them and allow you to lighten/move the ink
  • clean up application pad, surfaces, hands, towel after work.  Rinse off after with soapy water to remove any remaining residual

Basic Facts on and How to Use Vintaj Ranger Patina

Vintaj Ranger Patina is like some opaque paint.  But unlike normal paint which is like a layer on top of the metal surface, some deeper reaction takes place so that the patina changes the surface structure of the metal and has a better "hold".

  • permanent; does not need to be sealed
  • SHAKE BOTTLE before use
  • apply with paint brush, small amounts
  • can layer different patinas/colors
  • blot with soft cloth if desired
  • fine sand areas to remove patina from certain areas
  • HEAT SET for durability.  Esp. for items that have frequent handling (e.g. jewellery)

Basic Facts on How to Use Ranger Alcohol Inks

Ranger Inks do not need to be heat set. However it is a RECOMMENDED to HEAT SET them for items that will be handled frequently (e.g. jewelry).
Recommended: SEAL (e.g. with Vintaj Glaze)
Do NOT used solvent seals (e.g. from a spray).  Can even use
  - Renaissance Wax
  - Dorland's Wax Medium (I think)
  - Mod Podge
Can be used on Metal (sand off polish or paint first. Degrease with hot soapy water.  Dry. Apply)

See: Example of Application with Ranger Alcohol Ink (from Splitcoast Stampers)

TIP: it says that these Ranger Alcohol Inks will produce polished stone effects when used at full strength.

Basic Facts on How to Use Adirondack Ranger Mixatives

  • use with Ranger Alcohol Inks to create metallic highlights
  • can be used on the same application pad and at the same time as the alcohol inks
  • use on non-porous surfaces
  • fast drying