Monday, May 20, 2013

Notes on Swellegant

Swellegant is similar to the Ranger Patina and Inks but with some differences in application.  I am still too new to both ranges to make any determined recommendation of one over the other but I will point out some differences - especially in how to use them.

Prepare -  clean / degrease/ sand surfaces as normal

Swellegant sample

Swellegant METAL COATINGS - Must Have

These have actual metal in it. They coat things with metal so that the surfaces painted become metal.
Works on wood, polymer clay, resin, glass, foarm, metal, etc.

On NON-METAL items: Must coat with metal coating BEFORE using patina or dye oxides.

Clean surfaces to be painted.
Open bottle with lid away from you (in case of 'blurping')
Can use soft brush.
At least 2 layers. Recommended 3 layers.
Dabbing on to give more texture to your surface.

Swellegant Patinas

These are real patinas  - i.e. will acutally oxidise metal.

If your metal coating is dry, add ONE MORE LAYER of METAL COATING.
Apply Patina while METAL COATING is MOIST.
you can halt patina reaction by rinsing piece with water.

Swellegant Dye Oxides

Swellegant Dye Oxides are like patina in that they soak into metal and become a part of the piece.  They are intense colorants but translucent.
Dye Oxides must go on top of metal coatings or patina.
Recommended: Heat metal object before application. Heat up (e.g. with heat gun) metal pieces then apply dye oxides.  (The piece will sizzle).
Sponge and dab to apply.
Dye Oxides must be heat set.    You can also heat to accelerate drying process and/or to further heat set.
Let dye oxide soak in 5-10 minutes.

Highlighting Your Piece

add more metal coating with gloved finger or burnish (cloth, burnishing wheel, 000 steel wool).

BURNISHING - must wait 48-72 (2 - 3 days)  hours before burnishing.


(optional but recommended for items that will have frequent handling)
Must wait 72 hours (3 days) after Swellegant before sealing.

Can be sealed with
* Swellegant sealant (make sure very thin layes)
* Krylon acrylic spray (gloss or matt)
* Renaissance Wax

Other Useful Information on how to use Swellegant: