Monday, June 3, 2013

Crochet Stitches and Beaded Crochet Stitches

This is a growing list of crochet stitches and also beaded crochet stitches.  Where possible, I will try to only include the illustrated crochet stitches (so popular in the excellent Japanese magazines) with corresponding English name for the crochet stitches.  I am not as familiar with the English names as I am with the illustrated icons used, so I can't promise I will also have the English crochet term.

Chain Stitch
Crochet Chain Stitch
Crochet Chain Stitch

Single Crochet
single crochet stitch
Single Crochet stitch

Beaded Chain Stitch
bead crochet chain stitch

28 Mar 2014 - This site is no longer updated with new material.  You can find these crochet stitches and more at Crochet Stitches Library at my new blog.