Monday, June 3, 2013

Earwire Shapes and How to Make Earwires

How to Make Earwires or Earring Findings

For some reason, I find myself with earwires on my mind and just how to make them.  For some reason, their very shapes and variations are inescapably fascinating to me.

To that end, I have been researching and googling and reading up on them.  Here are some of the images I have found. Special note will be given to good tutorials on how to make your own ear wires.

I have also started a separate board on Pinterest: Ear Wire Shapes.

Great How to Make Ear Wire Tutorials (in no particular order)

    how to make ear wires
  • Art Jewelry - Forge your own ear wires - a good video tutorial on how to make a simple ear wire
    - 20 gauge wire (0.8mm)
    - round wire (not half-round or square as they hurt earlobes)
    - do not forge the part of wire that will rest in the ear lobes (hurts!)
    about 1.5 inch
how to make long ear wires

How to make hoop earringsHow to make Hoop Earrings - video tutorial with lots of helpful tips
and tricks

how to make different ear wire shapeshow to make different ear wire shapes 

Ear Wires Shapes from Various Locations

ear wire shapes 
This was from an Etsy listing.
ear wire shapes
This was from FireMountainGems.

ear wire shapes

This was from listing on ArtFire.

Please do visit  Ear Wire Shapes (Pinterest) where there are many more fascinating collection of ear wires and their endless shapes.