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Swarovski Crochet Necklace and Bangles - Mix n Match

Swarovski Bangles - Mix n Match
Swarovski Bangles - Mix n Match
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This mix and match modular jewelry set includes 3 crochet necklace cords and 3 crochet bangles, with Swarovski crystal beads integrated into the work.

Bead Crochet the Bangles

I will start with a copy of (very) rough DIY notes. Let me "translate" as the notes are very rough indeed.
I used Viscose yarn (which is slightly thinner than a standard 2 ply cotton yarn) and #1 Clover crochet hook.

DIY notes on Swarovski Crochet Bangle

Beads Required
According to the rough notes above, this bangle can be made with a bead every alternate stitch, for every row.  However in this set, I have used (1x4mm, 1x3mm)-repeated for every row.  
For example if
row 1 & row 3 had: ([4mm]-[3mm]) repeat for whole row, then
row 2 & row 4 had: ([3mm]-[4mm]) repeat for whole row
There are 4 rows all together, not including the base chain row.
I made these bangles for a Small size over 46 stitches (Note: have even number of chain stitch so that you can easily alternate the Bigger-Smaller beads, row by row)
    1. String the beads you will need: sequence of BiggerBead-SmallerBead. (Here you would 92 Bigger beads; 92 Smaller beads - per small bangle).
    2. Start foundation/base row of chain stitches: 46 stitches.
    3. Join end to end so you will be working in rounds. Make sure that the cord is not twisted when joining.
    4. Using single crochet throughout, crochet 1 BiggerBead-1 Smaller Bead; repeat.
      The next row should start with SmallerBead.
      (Tip: either count as you work every row or use a marker to denote the beginning/end of each row to ensure that every row has 46 stitches.)
    5.  At the end of 4th row, cut off yarn - leaving sufficient for sewing round the bangle.
    6. Fold over (beads on outside) and slip stitch neatly along the circumference.
    7. End off neatly and hide ends by weaving in body.
      (Tip: as viscouse yarn is very slippery, place a dab of fabric glue towards the end of the yarn before snipping off so that the end is secured.)

    Additional Notes
    The BiggerBead-SmallerBead sequence can be with:
    • 4mm-3mm or
    • 4mm-seed bead (which is what I did with the orange bangle) or
    • 4mm-(no bead; just plain single crochet).
    If, as with these bangles, you want to include a cloased (jump) ring around each bangle, then place the ring before you join the ends together on the foundation chain row.
    Please refer to the large images in the thumbnail gallery to see more specifics.

    Swarovski Crochet Bangles - Mix n MatchSwarovski Crochet Bangles - Mix n Match

    Swarovski Crochet Bangles - Mix n MatchSwarovski Crochet Bangles - Mix n Match

    Swarovski Crochet Bangles - Mix n MatchSwarovski Crochet Bangles - Mix n Match

    Bead Crochet the Necklace
    The necklaces are made to mix and match as well: they can be worn singularly or in combination of 2s and 3s.  The necklaces are made easy-to-wear as they can be pulled directly over the head.
    The crochet technique is also different from the creation of the bangles.  Crystal beads are strung and worked into the cord randomly.  So the first thing to do is to string a number of beads onto your crochet yarn.

    close up of bead crochet necklace

    The crochet necklaces is made with a hook: it is purely finger crochet.  See: How To Finger Crochet Cord for graphical instructions.

    Swarovski Crochet Necklaces - Mix n Match

    Created: mid 2012
    • Viscose Yarn (bought in early 1920s, German manufactured)
    • Swarovski XILION Crystal, 4mm & 3mm
    • Toho seed beads