Monday, June 24, 2013

Elastic Chainmaille Bracelet - Balex Second Chance

Elastic Chainmaille Male Bracelet
Elastic Chainmaille Male Bracelet

This elastic chainmaille (aka chain mail) bracelet is called the "Balex Second Chance" because this is the second one of its kind that was made for Balex - which he lost (of course!).  I have a feeling he will lose this as well, as has been his wont, and so this is his second and last chance to keep it safe - as he promised!

The great thing about an elastic chainmaille bracelet is that no clasp is needed.  I have yet to see a good, seamless clasp for chainmaille (aka chainmail, chain mail) creations.  They all look "stuck on".  Wish some ingenious manfacturer would come up with come good clasps for chain mail work!

The elasticicy comes from the use of rubberized jump rings (Ring Os).  The whole thing can stretch and given a few seconds, will shrink back to size.
The elastic chainmaille bracelet is done in 4-in-1 European weave.

Created: Dec 2012
  • closed jump rings (1.2mm)
  • Ring O (rubberized jump rings)

Elastic Chainmaille Male Bracelet