Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Crochet Baby Shoes - Baby Blues

Crochet Baby Shoes - Baby Blues (CH0375)

I seem to have started on a baby shoes journey.  Here comes the Baby Blues ...


  • Swarovski Crystal Pearls 4mm (Jade, Turquoise)
  • Toho 8/0 (Opaque Frosted Turquoise)
  • Miyuki Cut Beads 8/0 (Sea Foam Lined, Blue Lined Aqua)
  • fine yarn (70% bamboo, 30% cotton)

Size: Foot length: 7-8cm
Suitable for age: premmies

Status: 045/150 0M0 m

If you would like some detailed steps and description as to how to make these booties, please refer to Crochet Baby Shoes - How To.