Saturday, March 11, 2017

Crochet Stitch: Double Chain Foundation (DCF)

Double Chain Foundation (DCF) - what is it good for? It is especially good for when you have a foundation chain that has to be crocheted on both sides.  A good example is when you are making booties. The DCF provides a stronger, less holey start to your work.

Double Chain Foundation (DCF) for starting crochet in the Round

I first thought of using the Double Chain Foundation when I was making baby booties.  The normal start always bothered me because working all around a length of foundation chain stitches always seemed a bit flimsy to me.  Plus I didn't like the "holey" aspect of it in the finished item.

The photo above may not give you as clear a difference in both methods as one would wish.  But when you are actually working with the DCF, you will find that it does make a difference.  So how do you make a Double Chain Foundation?

How to: Crochet Double Chain Foundation

Basically do slip stitches along the “ridge” of each chain.

  1. Chain [number of required stitches + 1]. Then hook into "ridge" of next chain.
  2. Pull yarn through both loops on hook. (You are basically doing slip stitches on the "ridge" of each chain.)
  3. Continue slip stitching.  You should end up with your [number of required stitches] at the end of the row.

The two photos below compares the normal foundation row vs the DCF row.

Once you have your Double Chain Foundation, you can continue with making the soles of your booties as per normal.

Double Chain Foundation (DCF) for starting crochet in the Round