Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Elephant Crochet Baby Booties (CH0428)

A quick posting on this adorable pair of baby Elephant Booties. Included here are some basic starting steps. And a link to the requisite free crochet pattern.

Elephant Crochet Baby Booties (CH0428)

Materials: 100% acrylic

Status: SOLD ~ (gifted to Margaret Smith, Mar 2017)

I got this free pattern from "Ellie The Baby Elephant Booties". (Thank you very much Olivia for the pattern).


As Olivia's free pattern is in text, I have translated the soles into this chart shown here.  (I find it easier to read.)

What I want to point out is:
  • apart from Row1, do not start each new row with any stand-up chains
  • do not finish any row with a slip stitch to first stitch of that row.
  • Rather, just begin next row in the first stitch of previous row.

When soles are complete, cut and weave in ends.


Join yarn and start at the middle of back heel.

R1-3: sc for 3 rows

For the rest of the steps, I refer you to Olivia's wonderful and free "Ellie The Baby Elephant Booties".