Sunday, November 12, 2017

Circular Thermal Stitch - Working in the Round

I introduced the strap single crochet (ssc), then later discovered it was more commonly known as the Thermal Stitch in an earlier post.  However that was worked flat - to and fro; not circular. Today we will look at how to do the Circular Thermal Stitch i.e. working the Thermal Stitch in the round.

When making amigurumi items or Wayuu-like bags, we almost always work in the round. And since the Thermal Stitch is great for projects requiring dense (i.e. not holey) fabric, it is a great stich to use for amigurumi crochet or making Wayuu-like tapestry bags. So we need to know how to crochet the thermal stitch in the round for circular items.

Circular Thermal Stitch, how to

Thermal Stitch - in the Round

R1: just a normal row of single crochet (sc)

R2: You will notice there is a front loop at the bottom your previous row. Working only with front loops, pick up the bottom front loop and top front loop and finish a sc.

(Tip: remember to “hook under”x2 to get an untwisted “v”)

R3: the same as previous row, but working with 2 back loops

Repeat these 2 rows.

The instructions might be a bit confusing. But I think (hope) that when you actually do it, it will make more sense. Or if you already know how to do the Thermal Stitch, then working in the round with the same stitch, might be easier.

Applications for Strap Single Crochet Stitch

  •  This strap single crochet stitch produces a very dense fabric.  So that makes it very suitable for making crochet Amigurumi.
  • The vertical stitches are almost unslanted. So this would be good for tapestry or Wayuu-like bags as well.
  • Note that this stitch produces significantly shorter rows. Might have to double the number of rows compared to normal sc.
  • it also yields a substantially thicker fabric
  • The locations of increases (as in Amigurumi) are not visible.

Note: in the image to the left, I was still using the term "Strap sc stitch". That was before I discovered that this stitch had a proper name: Thermal Stitch.