Sunday, November 12, 2017

Modified Crochet Stitch, Wayuu Crochet, Tapestry Crochet - How To

Modified Wayuu/Tapestry Crochet Stitch - How To

I am not sure that Modified Crochet Stitch, being such a generic term, is the best nor correct name for this stitch. However I will leave it as is, mainly because this video I will refer you to, calls it just that.

I also tend to call this Traditional Wayuu Stitch because this is the stitch most commonly used in making Wayuu Mochila bags. It is also a common stitch in Tapestry Crochet.

In the video, the crocheter talks about “yarn over” and “yarn under”. For the life of me, I can’t see how one is “yarn over” and the other “yarn under”. If I am looking at the yarn, then it is “yarn over” both times, to me.

So I am showing the same stitch in photos below. Use whichever is more useful to you.

The important thing with this modified/wayuu/tapestry stitch is:
  • crochet into back look
  • complete the single crochet by putting - "hook under"-  "hook under" (if focusing on hook) or - "yarn over" - "yarn over" (if focusing on the yarn)

Finished Characteristics

  • horizontal ridge on *front side (*front side = side of work facing you)
  • stitches stacked vertically-centered on top of each other => straight vertical lines.  Ideal for wayuu and tapestry crochet
  • has small holes in fabric, which might not be ideal for amigurumi crochet when you have to stuff tightly