Monday, November 20, 2017

Rib Crochet; How To

I think there are a few ways to create Rib Crochet.  This method is quite easy.
Faux Rib Crochet
  1. direction of work
  2. rib crochet consists of alternating rows of: sc row and sl st row
Fabric Characteristics
  • quite dense, no big holes
  • mildly stretchy
  • not stiff


Video Tutorial: Faux Rib Crochet

Tutorial by Hopeful Honey on YouTube.  

Other Faux Rib Crochet

3 differnt faux rib with varying elasticity using slip st, single crochet, hdc respectively.

fpdc & Chain Faux Rib

This faux rib consists mainly of fpdc (front post double crochet) and a chain inbetween them.

I used this in my Meditation Capelet. fpdc & chain crochet rib produces a fabic that:
  • has a ribbed appearance on both sides; both elastic
  • is not dense but quite airy so it is good when you want a rib section that is quite soft