Thursday, April 25, 2019

Invisible Join - Crochet Needle Join - How To

The Invisible Join aka Needle Join (NJ) is a most useful and, in my opinion, a beautiful way to end a row of crochet stitches.  This is used in circular work (e.g. making crochet mandalas, overlay crochet) ... whenever you have to end one colour at the end of a circular row and switch to another colour.

I prefer the name IJ (Invisible Join) because you don't always need to use a needle to effect this join.  And it does produce an invisible joining stitch.  Basically it invisibly joins your ending stitch to your starting stitch in circular work.

How to crochet the Invisible Join/Needle Join

Let's do it!

You have reached the stage where you need to end one colour and begin another on the next row.
Cut off the yarn. Does not have to be very long. About 2 inches will do. Then pull the loop on the hook all the way till the end comes through.
Skip the row’s first/start stitch. Insert hook through both loops of the 2nd/next stitch. Catch yarn and pull through.
Hook through the FL (front loop) of your end/last stitch. Catch the yarn and pull through. You have now formed an Invisible Join.
You can just catch and secure down the loose yarn end on your next row. However I like one last step for a better and more secure finish.

Flip your work to the wrong side (WS). In the first photo below I have artificially elongated the stitch you just made before so you can more easily see it. You will notice that your starting/first stitch of the row is kind of floating unattached. It really doesn’t matter – unless you are finicky like me.

Tighten the stitch you just formed before so that it looks just like a normal stitch. Insert your hook through the back loop of the start stitch. Catch the yarn and pull through. Now everything is secure. Just catch the loose yarn as you work the next row. That will eliminate the unwanted task of having to weave in loose ends at the end of your project.
Ans: The stich where the hook is pointing at.