Monday, January 15, 2024

Drawstring Tapestry Crochet Bag - Muted Hues of Myth & Fauna

As with the Cat & Fishes tapestry crochet bag, this Drawstring Tapestry Crochet Bag is also a one-time, one of a kind design. A large bag suitable for daily use, for packing some gear for a weekend away, or for the hopeful shopping trips.


This drawstring tapestry crochet bag is worked like the traditional Wayuu bags, but in a firmer, stronger crochet stitch for extra durability. It features the ever popular retro colours. The all round patterned designs are individually unique – ranging from little quirky animals to mystical Kokopelli.

Specifications & Features

  • base diamater: approx. 24.5cm / 9.6in
  • height: 36cm / 14.2in
  • very strong and sturdy large holdall bag
  • can be worn over shoulder or across body
  • bag strap with adjustable length
  • classy, secure metal grommets for drawstring
  • hand-crocheted matching drawstring with hand beaded, semi-precious stopper bead
  • fully lined with internal pockets
  • magnetic button on pocket
  • strong hardware for strap buckle
  • reinforced round mandala crocheted base

Core Materials

  • strong acrylic yarn
  • Czech beads, cat's eyes gemstone beads, Delica and Japanese seed beads
  • metal buckle
  • metal grommets & eyelets
  • strong lining

status: g755 ML0 et {}


  • Body: tapestry crochet with knit single-crochet (aka waistcoat stitch) as the main stitch
  • Base: overlay crochet adapted from “Spanish Mandala” design byTatsiana Kupryianchyk from LillaBjornCrochet
  • Shoulder strap: using strong, non-stretchy strap-sc stitch (aka Thermal Stitch)
  • Drawstring Cord: Duo Sided Crochet Cord
  • Beaded Bead (drawstring stopper): from Sidonia's Beaded Bead tutorial on youTube

I have included grommets for the drawstring to offer strong, better looking, and easier opening and closing. The drawstring cord is hand crocheted in strong cording method. The stop bead on the drawstring is a hand beaded large bead made from Czech beads, cat’s eyes semi-precious gemstones, and Japanese seed beads.

This bag can be worn over the shoulder or across body. Bag strap has a metal buckle with metal eyelets, making it conveniently adjustable in length. The strap itself sports round, charming rivets.

Bag is fully lined and comes with an inner pocket and a magnetic closure.

Even the base of the bag is an attraction in itself - worked in overlay crochet to produce a colourful, reinforced mandala. ( Spanish Mandala design from LillaBjornCrochet pattern).

The colours are muted, retro with a gentle touch of ethnicity.

Bag has been protected with a water-shield treatment, making the surface water and stain repellant.

Sources of Inspiration & WIP Notes

Graph Pattern for Drawstring Tapestry Crochet Bag

I graphed this over 160×70 (stitches x rows). I was using yarn suitable for 4mm knitting needles. Crocheted with 2.5mm hook. Note: The 160stitches is determined firstly by the size of the circular base (number of stitches along ending circumference). So crochet base first, then graph pattern, then crochet body.

Credit for the components that made up the design: (all obtained from Pinterest):

And for a completeness, I will just leave some WIP photos here. I often find them very useful over time.

Rivets for Bag Strap

In this instance, the rivets are more for show than for riveting strength. The strap is invisibly and strongly sewn onto bag after the rivets.

Note that washers are used on both the right and wrong sides of the strap. The washers will prevent any possibility of the rivets falling thorough the crocheted fabric.


Making the Drawstring Cord

Note that it is not necessary to have the yarn coming out of the grommet hole. However it is advisable to have the stop bead larger than the grommet hole. The metal bead shown here is only used as a core bead, which I will bead over later.

BagFeet & Bag Lining

While bag feet hardware are optional, if you have them, they should be done before the lining. (Don’t forget the stiffener for the base of the bag.)

Important: The photo shows the pocket a bit lower than the final result. I made a mistake in the photo. The pocket should be a bit higher up. Normally about 6-7cm from opening or in this instance, from the drawstring line.