Monday, January 15, 2024

Ladder Stitch, Beading How To

The Ladder Stitch is generally used as a foundation (start) stitch for Brick Stitch and Herringbone stitch. This stitch can be done with either one (traditional way) or 2-needle approach.

This image will serve as reminder for those who already know how to weave the Ladder Stitch.


Ladder Stitch: How To

Recommended: This first YouTube video, by Fire Mountain Gems, is very clear, fast. They also have easy, illustrated tutorial on the ladder stitch.

These next videos are also worth watching if you want a full refresher or have never done a Ladder Stitch.

DIY Easy Beading Stitches - The Ladder Stitch (by EvaEvaEva923)

Basic tutorial on ladder stitch, using 1 needle.

How to create a Ladder Stitch – Beading (from

In this video, 3 beads are used together for the depth of the ladder stitch.

Ladder Stitch Beadweaving Instructions (by Potomac Bead Company)

Good tip. Shows how to use a 2-needle approach as well as how to quicken the ladder stitch weaving (by picking up more than one stitch, a side, at a time)

Using the Ladder Stitch as More than a Foundation Row

This ladder beaded stitch can also be more than just a foundation beaded row.

The thing to remember about making a swatch of ladder stitch is that you use the previous row as anchor for the current one (as shown in images below).