Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Felt Owl Brooch - Oscar Oot

For a while there, I was into handmade felt cabochons (felt cabs for short).  Then I got into making cute felt animals - like this felt owl brooch.  His name is Oscar Oot.  This is a rewrite about Oscar.  I am moving platforms and need to do a lot of re-writes.  But re-writing my very first little Oscar owl is not a chore as he still holds a warm place in my heart.


Oscar is the big brother in the Oot felt owl family.  You can have a peek at his younger sister, Emily Oot - another felted owl.

Since then, Oscar has virtual-met Bianca, a lovely Danish lady with a wise soul.  She taught him how to say "hoot hoot" in Danish.  In case you are wondering, it sounds like "woot woot"!
Some more pictures of Oscar the felt owl, as he is quite partial to having his photo taken.

As you can see, Oscar may be very tiny, but he surely is undeniably cute?  (He thinks so anyways.  He told me so!)

Brief Work Details on this Felt Owl Brooch

I don't have a lot of work details to go with Oscar.  This felt owl brooch was my first brooch ever.  I did not have any brooch backs at the time of Oscar's delivery and he absolutely, totally refused to wait.  So I had to cobble something together.  As you can see below, it is not the neatest work by a long shot.  But it is very functional and sturdy.
Back of Oscar, the felted owl brooch
The back of the felt owl has a fabric backing.  The pin has a strong ribbon wrapped around one arm of the pin and securely sewn down all round.  My felt owl has now flown the coop but I am sure he is still strong, robust, and cheeky somewhere in the world.

footnote: Oscar Oot was born in 2010.