Monday, February 22, 2016

How to Crochet Soles for Baby Shoes with Chart

The following Soles Crochet Chart can be used when making crochet baby shoes or baby booties.  I have used this chart with Clover 4/0 (2.5mm) crochet hook and suitable yarn to create soles of about 9-10cm long - which is suitable for babies between 0-6months old.

If you use different sized hook or yarn, then obviously the sizing will vary. This is but one method or pattern for creating the soles for baby shoes/booties.

Crochet Chart for Baby Soles (Drawn with Crochet Charts2 software)

Step By Step

The following images show row by row for extra clarity. There are only 4 basic rows.

You will note that I have indicated on the charts where one might start the front cover for either a baby bootie or shoe. Examples of baby booties or shoes can be found in my Gallery for Handmade Baby goodies. Or you can visually refer to the 2 examples shown below: baby bootie on the left and baby shoe on the right.

Alternative I Crochet Chart - DC(Double Crochet) Baby Soles

I am adding a few more charts for baby soles below.

This one, I call the DC Baby Soles Crochet Chart ... as all the stitches are made up of dc (double crochet) stitches.

Start with 11 foundation chains.

DC Baby Soles - Crochet Chart (Drawn with Crochet Charts2 software)

You can see it is an easier crochet soles to make.

Alternative II Crochet Chart - HDC (half double crochet) Baby Soles

This below consists mainly of Half Double Crochet Stitches (HDC).

HDC Baby Soles - Crochet Chart (Drawn with Crochet Charts2 software)

Alternative III Crochet Chart - SC (single crochet) Baby Soles

This gives a firmer soles - using only sc (single crochets).

SC Baby Soles - Crochet Chart (Drawn with Crochet Charts2 software)

Other Alternative Crochet Charts - Baby Soles

Below are more. Just images. I found them from various locations, like Pinterest. However as they are not recent finds and I have downloaded them to my computer quite a while ago, I don't always know who to attribute my thanks to. (Unless they have their site name in the image itself). If anyone knows the creators of images below, please let me know (preferably with link to source). I will add the correct link and credit asap. Thank you.