Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Premmie Jingle Gypsy Boots - Crochet Booties

Today we have a very bright and vibrantly colourful Jingle Gypsy Boots - crocheted booties for your new, long awaited baby.

Premmie Jingle Gypsy Boots - Crochet Booties (CH0381)

Foot-length: 7cm (Suitable for Premmies)

  • soft yarn (70% bamboo; 30% cotton)
  • quality seamless 4mm metal beads
  • silver jingle bells
  • 4/0 Clover crochet hook (2.5mm)

For How To Crochet a Basic Premmie Bootie tutorial, I refer you to Crochet Premmie Bootie - How to. You will find all the pictorial step-by-step instructions there for a basic construct.

For DIY Tips & Suggestions in adding jingle bells, please refer to Blue Jingle Boots, as this booties are identical, except for variations in colour.

I hope you enjoyed this little trip with me.  This is a really fun bootie to crochet so do please give it a go.  It is also very versatile - you can create them in all kinds of joyful colours.
Examples of some Jingle Booties (CH0380 & CH0381)