Thursday, March 13, 2014

Crochet Booties - "Floorboard Booties"

"Floorboard Booties" - keep toes warm & clean floors!

Continuing my journey from “Lessons from my first Crochet Booties“, this next pair of booties now has much thicker soles and has narrower soles. The narrower soles creates a snuggier, firmer fit.

This is not a full tutorial. It is more of a guide and pointer lesson – what worked and what needs improvement. As far as the booties are concerned, I am very much in the experimental stage.


Features of this pair of Crochet Booties

  • The soles of this bootie are double layered.  Worked in Astrakhan Stitch - which is a nice and puffy crochet stitch.
  • Great for warmth.
  • Designed to help clean floors as you wear them.
  • Tip: Use non-wool, low percentage wool yarn, or machine washable yarn (so that it can be washed in washing machine)

Notes on How to Make Crochet Booties

The main focus of this pair of crochet booties was that I wanted firmer, thicker soles. This was achieved with 2 layers of Astrakhan Crochet Stitch. The double layer makes it extra comfy on the inside. Your feet will truly appreciate the extra comfort.

For each foot, you will be making 2 pieces of soles. As you can see from the photos, I have used the maroon one to be on the inside with the puffy crochet stitches against the bottom of your lucky soles. The other piece has the puffy side to the floor – for cleaning! 🙂

The 2 pieces are crocheted together (wrong side to wrong side) before the body of the crochet booties are made.

(Optional) I created a row of chain stitches all round the soles after they had been joined together. This was mainly for decorative purposes and to create a slightly firmed edging.

I have not documented the making of the bootie body as I was experimenting on just how to shape it. Bit harder than I expected (so any tips on how to would be most appreciated!).

Tips on Crochet Booties

I must say that I am not entirely satisfied with the look and feel of this pair of crochet booties.

While the soles definitely have to be narrower than the actual foot to give a firmer fit, the length should just be a wee tat longer. Otherwise it feels a bit on the short side.

The double-layering of the soles is a definite improvement. The booties are more cushiony and it feels more like real footwear.