Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lessons from my first Crochet Booties

Having moved into our new home of wooden polished floors, I was eager to try out some crochet booties. I checked out patterns, instructions, YouTube videos for tutorials on how to make a boot. Ultimately the only way to get a grasp on the real how-to is just to make one.

So this here is my first ever bootie – a crochet bootie. It is what I call a working draft. Its main purpose is so that I can see and feel what the real thing looks like. Wear it, work it, and find out that way what needs to be adjusted – and then make a better one (later/one day!)

Features Desired of the Crochet Bootie (CH0317)

  • easy and comfortable to wear
  • would help me keep floor clean!
  • must look kinna of nice.  Eventually, a unisex version (so partner will wear it and help keep house clean as well!)

Lessons learnt from my first Crochet Booties

Let’s start at the bottom: the soles …

SOLES of Crochet Booties

I do like the raised ridges but later modifications should include:

  • thicker soles for better comfort
  • ridges (if any) should extend further out (not just in the center, as per photo)
  • Important! should be smaller and narrower for a snuggier fit
Soles of the Crochet Bootie

BODY of Crochet Bootie

The body should also be tighter. Especially as the booties will stretch with wear.

There are normally 2 to 3 rows (in double crochet, for instance) working straight up from the sole. However, it is better to tighten/decrease some stitches for this upright section. That will produce a snuggier fit.

Right now I am wearing this pair of working draft crochet booties. So I am sure that I will learn more of what I need to adjust to achieve my true desired results. So stay tuned for updates! (A good way would be to subscribe to my Free Email Updates at the bottom of the page. I write irregularly but you will get notified when there are new news!)