Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pearl Dangle Crochet Baby Winter Boots

Pearl Dangle Crochet Baby Winter Boots - coz winter is just around the corner!!

Pearl Dangle Crochet Baby Winter Boots (CH0392)

Foot-length: 9-9.5cm (Suitable for baby 0-6 months)

  • soft baby yarn of bamboo & cotton
  • 4/0 Clover crochet hook (2.5mm)
  • handmade wired pearl drops (12)

 Status: SOLD  0NK ~~

Some notes on how to make Pearl Dangle Crochet Baby Winter Boots (CH0392)

Lately it seems I have done so much of writing up how-to notes and instructions on how to make baby shoes and baby booties.  I am bootied out!

So my notes and links here will be very brief.

For making the soles, please refer to  Soles Crochet Chart.

For the bootie itself, you will find the how-tos in how to Crochet Premmie Baby Bootie.

Also if you want to reference how to crochet the crocodile stitch - which is what adorns this pair of baby winter boots and from which the pearl dangles hang off so lovingly.

The tear-drop pearl dangles need to be made prior to commencing your booties. Note when wire-coiling the loops, they have to be closed loops to ensure that they will not ever fall out or slip through the yarn.

Hoping all that is helpful to any DIY crafty persons out there!  Cheerio!