Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pink Fluffy Crochet Boots

Pink Fluffy Crochet Boots is made from the basic construct as seen in Bohemian Baby Boots.

Pink Fluffy Crochet Boots (CH0390)

Foot-length: 9.5-10cm (Suitable for baby 6-12months)

  • baby acrylic yarn, Vera Moda polyester flurry yarn
  • 4/0 Clover crochet hook (2.5mm)
  • Czech seed beads

Status: 040/145 OMO m

Links for how to make Pink Fluffy Shoes

Again I have no detailed instructions in the construction of this pair of Pink Fluffy Baby Booties.  However you can refer to  Blue Jingles Booties, which is similar in construct but just smaller (for Premmies).  This Pink Fluffy boots begins with larger soles.  For that, you can refer to the How to Crochet Baby Soles with Crochet Chart.

Hope all that is helpful to any DIY crafty persons out there!  Cheerio!