Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sally's Sparkly Crochet Baby Shoes

It is not often I am keen to take custom orders but when Sally asked for sparkly baby shoes, I could not refuse. Because it was Sally and she asked. And because I adore sparklies! Especially Swarovski sparklies.

Sally's Sparkly Crochet Baby Shoes (CH0394)

Foot-length: 9-9.5cm (Suitable for baby 0-6 months)

  • soft baby yarn of bamboo & cotton
  • 4/0 Clover crochet hook (2.5mm)
  • Swarovski pearls (3mm)
  • Swarovski Rose Montee
  • Swarovski bicone crystals
  • handwrapped focal dangles with Swarovski Elements

Status: (30. Sold. JoyBSally)

Some notes on how to make Sparkly Baby Shoes

Notes and links here will be very brief.

For making the soles, please refer to  How to Crochet Baby Soles with Crochet Chart.

For the bootie itself, you will find the how-tos in how to Crochet Baby Shoes.

Note: The Swarovski bunch of crystal sparkle and pearls are to be made prior to commencement of crochet work, threaded onto the yarn and incorporated into the center of the front of the crochet shoes.

Hope all this is been helpful to any DIY crafty persons out there!  Cheerio!