Thursday, January 31, 2013

Feng Shui Works!

Amongst people I know, I stand heads and shoulders above everyone ... in the Lousy Housekeeping department.

A flaw that used to rack me but now I accept as part of my less-developed aspects :) However Feng Shui can make a difference to keeping the house clean.  "Of couse", you say, "that is just common sense. Duh!"

However that is not quite what I mean. I mean Thinking Feng Shui Makes Cleaning Easy /Easier.

A Beautifully Clean Home - before!
Our House - the way it USED TO look

Snuggly Cat - an example of clay going its own way

Even when your ideas do not materialize as you hoped, it is no reason not to put your toes in and give it a go.  Sometimes, the results, though not spectacular, can be pleasing and rewarding (if only to self) in its own way. That is how Mr Snuggly Cat came to life.

Snuggly Cat Beaded Bezel Clay Pendant
Snuggly Cat emerging

His story of how he refused to conform to my idea (maybe one day!) and how he decided to turn out is told in Snuggly Cat - Beaded Bezel Clay Pendant; ... and why I sent it away!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Colour Fantasy Necklace before I Sleep

Okay, it is now past midnight and I should be in bed to rest the wee brain for arduous work tomorrow.  However one last posting before I say Nitey Nite.

The Devoted Gypsy, a Color Fantasy Necklace featuring the gloriously shaped Swarovski Devoted2U Heart Pendant and wildly riotous colors.

Devoted Gypsy Color Fantasy Necklace

Monday, January 28, 2013

After the Drinks and Friends, comes Pouches and Jewelry

Had a fabulous social day with friends on the weekend, drunk a lot, laughed even more, caught up with good times and made new friends.  So it took a bit of a struggle to get back to the serious work of blogging!

Fun Time Participants: Giovanni Giogis, Paul Faint, Peter Asmus, Helena, Janet Nguyen, Thai Ping Wong, Maz Smith, Brett Morrison, Brett Asmus

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snuck another listing in - Swarovski Coleman Necklace. Another yay!

I did it!  I managed to sneak in another new addition to our DIY Gallery: the Swarovski Coleman Necklace.  Yay!

Actually I wasn't just caught up in this but rather some other things caught me up ...

Friday, January 25, 2013

Multiple Craft & Jewelry Postings today. Yay!

Today I have managed to list a number of creations. Thank goodness they all needed but a few words. And thank goodness I had my collection of photos to grace the pages.

Crafts & Jewelry - DIYs newly posted today
Crafts & Jewelry - DIYs newly listed today

Necessary Evils of Blogger Setup

I can't wait!

I can't wait to be able to get going with the meat and juice of this blog site again - viz. the photos and the DIY Notes in DIY Gallery.  However all this morning, I have been slogging to put into place what needs to be put into place: the contact links and form (so you lovely bees can easily get hold of me), the requisite Privacy Policies and Terms of Service.  Things that are often overlooked but really need to be done at some stage.

Blogger - necessary setups for DIY ClearlyHelena

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sarong Girl has arrived to Bead Along

It is only 11:20pm and I was hoping to be active and alert and most of all, Awake tonight so that I could do more photos and more diy notes. However I have only a bit of awakeness left to introduce the newest addition to my family ... Beading Sarong Girl.

Adorable Sarong Girl Beads!
She came to life in a very short time - under 2 days (from a squirt of an idea to a full blown beader) - under the quirky and talented hands of my baby brother Alex Lim and she is here to stay for a long while.  She will oversee all the DIY notes and photos that you will find in my Jewelry & Crafts DIY Gallery.

Be nice to her (smile!) and I promise she won't spit at you .. or even flick spare beads at you.

Meanwhile, time for me to hit the haystack.  Nitey Nite you gorgeous people all over the sleepy world! Namaste.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Done! Swarovski Neon Wire Crochet Jewelry with DIY notes

Whew! I was right. The editing and writing up of this Swarovski Neon Wire Crochet necklace and earring set took but Forever!!!  The included DIY notes took quite a long while too.
Swarovski Neon Wire Crochet Jewelry DIY Notes ready for viewing
CH0283 Swarovski Neon Wire Crochet Jewelry DIY Notes ready for viewing
But I must say that it was the preponderance of photos and images associated with this set that literally ate up my day.

Peek at Swarovski going Neon in Wire Crochet Jewelry

Today I have been working on this Swarovski wire crochet jewelry set - for hours now (sigh).  I am not even making it, I am just editing the photos for its debut online!

Swarovski goes Neon Orange in wire crochet jewelry
Swarovki goes Neon in wire crochet jewelry
It is taking so very long, I am now hungry (and it is almost 4pm already on an unfed tummy) and a tat unmotivated.  So I thought I would just give it a wee outing before I get the rest of the photos on the wire crochet jewelry done, garner my far-flung notes, and hopefully before the bed bugs greet me tonight - I would have finished and posted.

Till later then :D ~ Namaste and may your tummy always be happy and filled!

Day 1 at Jewelry DIY Posting Over

Whew!  I have spent one whole non-stop day on working on this DIY Clearly Helena jewelry blogging site.  It was spent running from Blogger, to Ecwid and then back again. And though it was very intense, I must admit that it was fun to finally getting round some of my thousand and one photos and cleaning them up and putting them online.

 However, as most crafters who write will know, if you don't write up or write down your WIP (work in progress) notes as you are crafting, most of the specific details and particular materials you have used, and the 'clever' workarounds that you might have employed - they all get kind of fuzzy with the passage of times.
Small Sample of Unsorted Jewelry Photos
Small Sample of Unsorted Jewelry Photos

Tuesday, January 22, 2013